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Ruta Maya® Organic Jiguani™ Coffee - Espresso Roast 2.2lbs



Ruta Maya® Organic Jiguani™ Coffee - Espresso Roast 2.2lbs

Café Tradición de Cuba™

These are the finest Arabica beans, shade-grown by cooperatives of farmers in Latin America following traditional principles of organic agriculture to create a healthier product as well as a healthier environment.

Café Jiguani™ (Mouth of the River) refers to the indigenous people of Cuba, mainly Taino Indians. The city Jiguani is in the Province of Granma, which also includes the lush mountains of the Sierra Maestra, Cuba's main coffee region. Ruta Maya's Café Jiguani™ celebrates historic connections between the indigenous people of the Caribbean and the Maya of the Yucatan.

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